Love Spice by Vidawell

Love Spice by Vidawell

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Think of this as the ready to go, season anything from veggies, grains, eggs, and protein.

  • pink mineral salt- natural unrefined salt contains over 60 trace minerals

  • ancho chile- good for blood pressure, immune system and digestion

  • cumin- a rich source of iron and a powerful ayurvedic antioxidant

  • garlic - contains polyphenols which reduce HCAs and carcinogens, and is naturally antibacterial and antifungal

  • black pepper - antibacterial and helps with digestion

  • onion- contains polyphenols which reduce HCAs and carcinogens, and it contains phytochemicals, manganese, calcium, and potassium

  • turmeric- anti-inflammatory and good for blood circulation


    TVW Spices: are filled with Mountain Rose Herbs and Frontier, check them out, I have nothing to hide!

    • sustainable

    • organic

    • non-GMO

    • gluten-free

    • no preservatives

    • keto

    • paleo

    • whole 30 approved

    • nutrient-dense

    • wild harvest

    • fair trade

    • highest-quality


      Handcrafted and curated by Torie Hall {Vidawell} Local to San Diego and the amazing author of “The Keto Cookbook”.. To know more about her click on the link below!