Our Animals

We started our hobby pig farm in Fallbrook, Ca. We fed a microbiotic diet to the pigs off of our local orchards and macadamia nut farms. We expanded to Julian to make our Cook Pigs dream come true. We modeled our pigs off of Iberico pork from Spain and conveniently the elevation and terrain in Julian is similar to that of Iberico, Spain. We raised pigs there for many years and just couldn't make it financially as the closest USDA slaughter facility is 500 miles away and its inhumane transporting the pigs so far. 

Hog Heaven is an understatement. These pigs roam on pastures, rotate seasonally, eat a local diet including (Cowgirl Creamery) milk and cheese.

All meat we sell is from single-sourced farmers. We partnered up with Langley Farms and Marin Suns to make things better for the pigs and to allow us to continue bringing the BEST meats to your table. They take a huge amount of pride in all that they do and we are proud partners with them. 

All meat Is harvested at Marin Suns Farms and is also processed and packaged there. It Is the only humane certified USDA facility In California. They are harvested at a USDA facility and shipped to us bi-weekly in San Diego.

Transparent farming at its finest. Know your food, know your farmer, & know their origin. We exclusively sell to chefs & families in San Diego ONLY.